Monday, November 1, 2010


Linda's Voting booth for Green Chili (mine) or Red Chili (Chauncey's)...It was a tie!
Emma as the All American Cowgirl

Bella's as a beautiful Butterfly

Lexie with matching outfits, her and her American Doll are cheerleaders.

"They come in peace".....Grant and Samuel as Buzz Lightyear!

Gosh seriously has it been since July that I updated this blog???? Where has the time went? I can't possibly remember what we did in August and September, I'm barely hanging on to my memory for October!

For sure the biggest event is the two new grandchildren from Ethiopia.....we are loving them and what a perfect fit they are in the family!

Check out Andrea's blog for updates on that... See the link in my page here.

I left September 30th for Arkansas to have some "girl time", with Linda. To say we had FUN is such an understatement. We sewed, ate, laughed, created, shopped and really what else do you need for "girl time?" Oh yea, we had chocolate too! We co-hosted a quilting retreat for friends from Wyoming, Arkansas and Texas. Some drove, some flew and we all congregated for a wonderful time.

I returned back to Pinedale on the 12th of October, rested, smiling and happy. That was Tuesday, and by Friday my whole world changed. I woke up with the left side of my face paralysed ! By the next Monday the neurologist in Idaho Falls confirmed that it was Bell's Palsy. So now 2 1/2 weeks later I've gotten a lot of the feeling back, can't close my eye all the way yet so still have to have it taped shut at night, and continue to have some pain, and paralysis but for the most part I'm about 75% back to what used to be normal. At least people don't say "Oh my gosh, what happened" anymore when they first see me! LOL We had to postpone our California trip though, good food, good wine just didn't go hand in hand with Bell's Palsy. We think we'll try and go next May, should be another beautiful time of the year there.

Wednesday night guess who came to my front door? Linda had driven all the way from Arkansas straight through to come and be my "pal" during rehabilitation. She is leaving tomorrow or Wednesday, no is that a friend or what? I don't know how I would of made it through these last two weeks without her, she has truly been a blessing to me.

I'm planning on going to Arizona and spending Thanksgiving with Mom and Leonard and seeing where I can help out there. We are planning on heading to Texas right after Christmas. We certainly aren't escaping the cold soon enough this year, brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

I can't get all the pictures in this post so will post more pictures on top of this.