Saturday, October 18, 2008

These are the trick or treat bags I made for all the grandkids and great nephews this year. The feathered top of course are the girls! LOL

Thursday night's dinner visitor...

Snow October 11th

This is the backyard view of what we woke up to on Oct. 11th! Louie was not impressed!

Emma's hat

Like I didn't have enough hobbies, my sister talked me into learning to knit. I have to say I LOVE IT! It gives me something to do with my hands watching tv or sitting in the car when we travel. I'm not a good sit still person, so this keeps me from falling asleep in the chair, and from driving Chas nuts when we travel! First project was a hat for my youngest grandaughter, Candice, next a hat for my oldest grandaughter, Emma, then a hat for my newest great nephew, Logan, and then a hat for his mother. They promise to send me pictures so I can post them!

Tiger fish

This is the Tiger Fish I caught on my flyfishing lesson. No I'm not loosing my waders....LOL