Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas 2009.....

We have had a blast with Andrea, James and the kids here. We miss not being with Chauncey, Angie and the girls though. We walked the National Seashore on Christmas Day and found over 30 Sand Dollars! Santa Baby is Candice....too cute.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Stain Glass Master

Here are the front windows surrounding her front door that my friend Helen did. She is the one teaching me how to do stain glass. Now don't be surprised when you see mine, she is a master, I am the student! LOL

These were just simply too gorgeous to not share, seeing them in person though is the best!

Talk about Rain

Here are a few shots for the incredible rain we got down south after arriving! We simply could not believe it. Fortunately we didn't have any damaging flooding, but neighbors and others in town sure did. Over 14inches in less than 12 hours!!! The pictures are of the park, the sides of the road, and the road going to where we store the RV and boat...thought we'd have to use the boat before it was over! So far this winter hasn't been kind to South Texas, the cold and even freezing weather is what we are trying to escape! We are looking forward to Andrea and family coming for Christmas.....

The bug and the tree frog were waiting for us in our back yard when we got here, had to share their "buggy eyes" with you.