Tuesday, August 3, 2010

July - What a whirlwind!

Gosh July went by so fast I think we missed a good share of it. We started off going to the HR Ranch outside of Wheatland to celebrate Ruth's (Charlie's mom) 80th birthday at the annual family get together. We had Clancy and Emma with us as James and Andrea went to Ethiopia to meet their new kids. We got home from the ranch on the 4th, and Sean (nephew) and his friend Katie came on the 5th! We all enjoyed the rodeos and street fair and doings of Rendezvous all week long. Then they left on the 11th, Andrea and James got home late the night of the 12th...then we left for Coeur D'Alene, Idaho for Weston (nephew) and Brooke's wedding on the 14th! We got home on the 19th, Charlie left on a fishing trip on the 21st, my friends from Texas came on the 22nd...they left on the 30th and Charlie got back on the 1st of August. Does whirlwind explain July???? We had a blast though, and enjoyed every minute of it!

The Roger's are packing up to leave on the 15th of August to go bring our new grandchildren home. The whole family is going this time, we see excitement, fear, anticipation and most of all love in all their eyes. We're all excited on this home front to meet them! Rogers 426 is a reality!!!!!

The Goodrich's are celebrating their 10th anniversary this year, wow how did that happen. Candice is every bit of two year old, and her favorite phrase, is "no me", she wants to do everything herself. Wonder where she got that???? LOL

I'm attaching a picture of Emma's second doll quilt. She is entering it in fair this week. She made this one for Lexie.

Also the baby bluebirds have been so much fun watching the week....

See ya in August!