Monday, December 13, 2010

Snow is upon us!

Dorothy just blew in from Kansas.....Candice
The sharpest shooter in the West...Emma

Matching her American Doll as a cheerleader...Lexie

A Fairy Princess .....Bele

Louis is hot on the trail of the bunny sitting at the corner of the fence, he checks for him every morning when we open the curtains....and then looses him as he hops under the deck.

I'm not sure where November went, but it has came and gone! Mid-October I came down with Bell's Palsy and the left side of my face was paralyzed for about a month. Slowly it began to leave, and now I am probably about 90% back. You can't tell to look at me, but I can certainly tell doing simple things like brushing my teeth. Linda Whitaker came and surprized me with a visit about a week after the onset, she kept busy sewing and laughing I forgot I had anything wrong. Little Bele (Andrea's youngest girl) was so funny she didn't know any different so she would imitate me, talking sideways, it was hilarious we couldn't stop laughing which of course a 5 year will perform if you laugh at them!

I left just before Thanksgiving (which by the way I will NEVER fly at that time of year again) to go help my Mom as she was preparing to have a total Hip Replacement. She is now walking with a cane (less than 2 weeks from surgery) and doing great. Thanks for all your prayers.

We are packing for Texas, time to head south we're freezing! Charlie got a new motor for his boat so he's very excited to get in the bays! We're going to stop in Fredericksburg for New Years with Paul and Marilyn. They are helping us work on "our" dancing skills so we're going to a New Years Eve Dance at Turner Hall. Maybe we'll be able to master the "Polka" for Wurstfest 2011!

We really enjoyed this summer and fall and now WINTER..okay maybe not WINTER but we have enjoyed our kids and grandkids. Bele and Samuel have really fit into the family nicely, Bele is the newest Drama Queen, and Samuel has the cutest sense of humor although I'm not sure he knows it's humor yet! LOL Clancy is cross country skiing for school this year, he's such a good distance runner he is doing great, we will miss getting to go to his meets. Emma has really grown up this year and stepped into the big sister shoes, she love her ice skating and doing really well at it. Lexie is loving school and her Barbies. Her imagination is so creative and she loves to draw and color, we are always amazed at how well she can draw, she keeps our refrigerator decorated very nicely with her talent. Candice is the cutest two year old...she has a smile that will make you melt and busy, oh my gosh that girl never stops except when she sleeps. Thankfully she's a good sleeper! She talks non stop (well she has to in this family to try and get a word in edgewise) and keeps us in stitches laughing. Chauncey and Angie are now the sole owners of Pinedale Properties and doing an excellent job. Chauncey has really stepped up to the plate and has a good mature business head. They hosted the annual Christmas Party and Angie went all out as usual, the house was gorgeous, even Lexie told me , "be ready to sit at two BEAUTIFUL tables", and she was right everything was perfect. I think they are known as the Griswalds on their block, drive by and see their outside lights or check them out on Angie's Facebook page they are great! James and Andrea are busier that ever, James is now working primarily as a Ranch Consultant for two major ranches, one here and one in Nevada. His expertise and advise is well sought after and he gets to spend more time with the cows so you can imagine his smile is much bigger now! Andrea, well she stepped back into the past with a 4 and 5 year old that are learning everything all of us learned from 1-5. She says often it's like having a two year old in a 4 or 5 year body, the kids are learning great but there is just so much to learn. She of course wants the very best for them and is preparing Bele for 1st grade and Samuel for Kindergarten next year. She is pretty drained most days still but we all get to see the fruits of her work, and lucisous fruits they are.

My next blogging will be from until then.....Happy Trails